16 Letters To Santa Written By Kids That Are Too Cute To Ignore

It’s the most beautiful time of the year, it’s not just the lyrics from Andy William’s song because Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. Snow in the streets, Mistletoe, Santa and of course the gifts, how can we miss that!

Kids all around the world are delighted on the eve of Christmas for obvious reasons that is, Santa Claus will be sneaking in from the chimney and will leave gifts for the kids below the Christmas tree while eating the cookie and milk the children left for him.

For all this to happen, Santa does need to know what the kids want, and that is through the letter they write every year. It is the cutest thing ever, how these innocent children try writing down their hearts with highly crooked handwriting, the effort is priceless. Some parents have shared such letters on Instagram and trust me it’s a pleasure to read them.


1. Holly wants a Camper Van for her barbie on Christmas.


And the letter to Santa has been written! 💌🎅🏼 #hollybean #thelarsenchristmas2017 #lettertosanta

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2. This is really sweet and thoughtful.


3. The Batmobile and the sword melted my heart.


4. Yes, the Hoola hoop has edges and tangents emerging out.

“All I want for Christmas is a hula hoop”

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5. Stars that glow on the wall, very specific!

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6. Ohh she is a sweetie, that “HO HO HO” completed the letter.

Heart officially melted. #lettertosanta

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7. Now, this kid is smart, he knows the wings can be made.

8. Translation: “Dear Santa, could I have a LEGO? I will LET you have a Christmas cookie.”

9. This kid is nailing it.

10. What are the odds that Greta would ask for a cow on Christmas?

11. Loving sometimes is better than none.

12. Whiskey for Santa? Hana is so getting all that gifts.

13. This kid is totally economic.

14. Prince George of Wales wants a police car for Christmas!

15. She is good with her words, and Santa would tear up.

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16. She said it’s enough after this long list.

17. “Fill up the Blanks” letter seems very convenient, noting it down.

Gauges Letter to Santa!!! Boy this boy wants an XBox…..guess the ps4 isn't good enough…lol #lettertosanta #grg #mylittlelove #thisboyhasmyheart #mylittebigboy

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This is one reason why having a kid must be very wonderful. As Christmas is nearing and the weather is getting colder, spending time with family and friends, spreading the cheer during the holidays is the only thing on my mind. Can’t wait for it!