This Man Tweeted If He Should Open Photos Sent By Her Mom Mistakenly, and He Did The Right Thing In End

Exchanging text with your parents is a whole new effort and entertaining as well. Let alone by the time they get around to the apps and their usage you get your inbox flooded with new found hobbies and what not!

I remember teaching my mum how to install her apps from Google Play store, specifically WhatsApp, now I don’t know why I even did that, she keeps sending me bizarre videos that are eating up my internal space! And also her rabbit pictures, new found hate of mine!

But that’s nothing compared to the messages you get from your parents accidentally which was not meant for you, and if it’s an image it’s more dreadful. The same happened when Liam McDonald got 3 images from his mum which was meant for his dad, must be hard!


Imagine if that showed up in your notification bar on your home screen.


Liam’s mother mistakenly sent her son three picture messages and the last one has heart emojis. I mean that’s already creepy enough! And he also got a message saying “sorry meant for dad”, which doesn’t help at all.


Liam didn’t even dare to open the messages but he just couldn’t ignore it so he took a screenshot and posted it on twitter.


Liam got the messages on 3rd November but didn’t open it though his dying to know the content along with the huge twitter fam that landed the post 85,000likes and 25,000 retweets.

Here’s how much the people on twitter are anxious to see the images.


While some of them were pretty decent about it and didn’t want to see the update whatsoever!

Eventually, the suspense took over Liam and he opened the messages but it ain’t quite crazy or nasty as we presumed.

“I knew it would of been something normal but I had a laugh.. it was a photo of my new born cousin in the end! Mum doesn’t know about it.. the Internet response has been mad, celebrities messaging me and worldwide messages by mail.”

Newborn cousin? Really, Liam? Not to be all creepy about it but I mean we didn’t get to see any proof. Anyways, we respect his decision to not reveal his baby cousin’s pictures!

(h/t: indy100)