This Man Tweets About The Most Unusual McDonald’s Drive-Thru Experience Ever Existed

Whoever invented the drive-thru is a saviour in the industry of street food and fast food. The problem solver of getting down and rushing to make an order even at late hours. But sometimes these drive-thrus can be all spooky and strange. The employee could be any person just waiting for your order and who knows, something you expected the least could happen. It’s an unpredictable world you see!

On that note, a Twitter user named Josh Raby uploads a thread of posts about his weird experience at the McD’s Drive-thru. It basically started with his craving for a milkshake that led him to order some food that he didn’t even want at the first place, all because some 40ish something man confused the hell out of him. Read through these posts, I swear its weird as hell.


1. It started out with a normal McD craving.



2. Ordering the milkshake as usual, but how is apple pie a considerate replacement?


3. Let’s hope the man is okay!


4. I feel so sorry for the man.

5. Wait! What? I thought she was dead 2 secs ago.

6. Are you serious? Discount for apple pies?

7. Because you don’t take no for an answer, man!

8. But why? Why are they making out on the counter?

9. Great the history is finally revealed.

10. What the heck just happened?

All I got from his story is that he got some McD cravings which brought him to the drive-thru and something very weird and unlikely happened. That man working there is the most confusing person plus what’s with his wife? I swear its so hard to believe this story, either the couple was highly screwed up or the man is making up this story. It’s hard to choose one without evidence.

(h/t: Imgur)