Mom Has Fantastic Response To His Daughter’s Gay Friend Who Wants To Attend A Sleepover Party

It’s 2017 and people still get stuck on this word “Homosexuality”. Maybe it gets them sensitive to this subject, now that is becoming mainstream and most people are being open about their sexuality. Honestly, whether we have a problem with it or not we cannot do anything about it, as it’s in the gene.

Well, look on the bright side, coming out of this social dilemma many individuals have learnt to embrace themselves causing less drama in their lives. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, trans or bisexual, were all still human and we need to accept that as an act of humanity.

Here, is a funny story about a boy, Mason Brian Barclay who texted his friend’s mum asking for permission if he’d be allowed to attend her daughter’s sleepover party. He took it to twitter and people are loving it.

Mason explains in the text that he is gay and wanted approval from his friend Houston’s mother to attend the sleepover. The girls wanted him to be present in the party and hang out with them overnight, but he would be the only boy in the group.

The story elevated when Houston’s mum responded back saying, “Well, my husband is hot. Should I worry?”


Twitter blasted on the hilarious respond of the smart and funny mother.

Mason says, ‘I wrote out the message and sent it. We expected probably a funny response, but what she said had us all in tears from laughing.’

Later after all the fuss in twitter, Mason says the conversation continued with Houston’s mother on the topic, though it wasn’t as funny as the initial texts. He also praises how he likes her respond on concluding that parents these days should be open and more vocal on their children being friends with opposite genders. The amount of pressure they put on this matter decreases down when they deliberately understand and welcomes the true nature of friendship which can be of any type. Well, Mason did not attend the party though, maybe all the attention was pretty entertaining than the actual party.