Cruel Mother brutally assaults her Baby Girl and Walks Away from Court with just $500 Fine

It is said that a Mother’s love is the purest and strongest love in the whole wide world. And I believe no one would disagree with that. If you think about it, it’s kinda obvious because, we all came out of the wombs of our mothers, joined and connected to them with the umbilical cord, so it’s not a surprise that a mother’s love is the mightiest of all.

But sadly, the good and the bad co-exist together, there are some women out there who fail to take up their duties as a mother. And we are talking about the extreme cases here, the ones where the children are assaulted or physically abused by the very same person who gave birth to them. Yes, it’s hard to process but it’s the ugly truth, here is a saddening story that might be of some evidence to the statement.


Eight-months-old daughter Evie McMahon was physically abused by her mother with a kitchen spoon. 


Evie’s parents, Shane McMahon and Lorien Norman are separated, she has an older sister named India. It’s such a brutal act to do such things to a baby that young. The mother of the baby initially reported saying that the baby fell in the playground, but later on pleaded guilty in court to aggravated assault causing harm. When they rushed baby Evie to the hospital, she was admitted for fatal head injuries and was totally black and blue, her father Shane was informed and that’s when the case started.

You can see clearly how badly the face of the poor child is swollen and bruised.


The horrible 26-year-old mother of the baby walks away with a two-year good behavior bond and a $500 fine only.


Lorien Norman accepted in court that she hurt the innocent baby intentionally but she cannot remember the reason why she did it because she was too drunk. She hit her with a slotted spatula and with her bare hands causing the baby with at least eight separate blows to her head, neck, and arms.


That day, they found the baby inside the house with her mother by the police.

Father of the child Shane was horrified when two officers were at his door asking for his ex’s whereabouts.

The couple had split up 17 months prior to the accident, he says that Lorien always had an issue with her temper. On the day of the incident, Shane was with her 21 months old elder daughter Indi, watching Tv. Then two officer’s came to his door saying, “We received a call from her and a very distressed baby was heard in the background. We need to locate this woman urgently.” And they held up a picture of his ex.

Then another detective called him and told him to come to the hospital for an emergency.

The detective on the phone said, “I need you to go to the hospital immediately. Your daughter has life-threatening injuries we believe were inflicted by her mother.”

Evie was treated, now she is with her dad and sister Indi, getting back on track.

The doctors said that even though the wounds are healed, the child will suffer from mental trauma and it will take a long time for her to recover the terror. Since she is a baby, it’ll take her more time to understand what happened though she knew that she got hurt and felt the pain.

Her father says that Evie may not understand but the terror has left a deep scar on the child’s psychology.

Evie was scared to let anything near her head, she would scream and cry, they couldn’t even give her a haircut. But gradually as time passes by, her dad slowly wins her trust and till date, her mental state is also getting better.


After all the chaos and the court case was done, Lorien being free of jail time, texted Shane with a smug message.

The Adelaide District Court judge sentenced Lorien to just two-year good behavior bond and a $500 fine because they considered the injuries were not that fatal and they were healable. And Lorien is rubbing that attitude off on Shane’s face saying she is free now and didn’t even get jail time.

Shane is totally not happy with the court’s decision and said, ”I’m disgusted – I’m truly speechless. Where is Evie’s justice? I’ve raised both these girls single-handedly, and she gets 10 months of a sentence that carries a maximum of 13 years!”

We cannot judge and make a decision on how a convict should be punished but all we know is that that kind of violence shouldn’t be considered minor, until and unless the law makes some change in the way of persecuting a criminal, anyone anywhere is always in danger.

If you wanna know all the details about the incident, check it out here.

(h/t: DailyMail)