20 Catastrophic Outfit Malfunctions that’ll Leave You Gobsmacked

You know how you spot a funny sight in your aunt’s outfit during a family gathering which she seems to flaunt it proudly without any idea at all that it has a weird cut or design in it? Maybe a dong-looking pattern which is so easily visible that you just can’t unsee it. It can happen to us as well, what we think is the cutest outfit ever can be ruthless, and yeah, it’s not our fault actually, you just have to be careful next time you go shopping. A lot of such incidents can be spotted in the streets or possibly anywhere. I seriously don’t know how the designing team of the clothing brands approved such designs and patterns that just catch unwanted attention.

So, to be cautious, you just gotta eye what you purchase properly, and these outfit fails might also help you out in making the obvious mistakes. Have a look at what’s going on down there!


1. It’s meant to be Star Wars socks but ended up looking creepy.


2. It’s all about the vowels, the O’s and the A’s.


3. Word sequence has lost its essence, apparently!


4. This transformation, though! Not a very happy one.

5. Red flower looking like waves on a white fabric is always a sin.

6. The pockets are a little high but okay, it’s not the ideal blazer.

7. Do you see it? Yes, I know it’s disturbing!

8. Was it coffee? What, it’s a pattern?

9. Thanks to this pajamas, Betty Boop used to be cute.

10. Okay, now it makes sense!

11. Just read them all in order and you’ll understand.

12. Great spot to place the flamingoes, so proud of it!

13. It will remain forever in the yearbook, sad!

14. And he looks pretty comfortable with it.

15. That denim and the dress are the perfect recipes for a dreadful nightmare.

16. Cute little bow but on second thought, not really!

17. It’s high time we lose those pockets, eww!


18. The ropes are not the ideal choice for kids’ mannequins.


19. I know this is in but the color wash is not actually looking good at all.


20. Why would anyone want x-ray feet everytime they look down?


Woah, okay! If these collections of pictures gave you a headache, welcome to the club! I think it’s high time to clean up these dirty laundries, we need help! The fashion God up there must be weeping and cursing.

(Source: SadAndUseless)