18 Times Parents Doing Parental Things At Awesome Levels

There is a high scope of parents popping out kids just so that they can say that “I ace at this parenting thing”. And they do. They really really do. While the rest of the world is fixated on the conventional method, there are the people in the below list who try something new every day. They will make you realise what parenting 101 really is. And in case, you are not a part of the compilation below, you really really need to up your game.


1. When these parents know what they are doing.


2. When these parents were playing cards against humanity and googled ‘Bukkake’ because of technology.


3. These parents send their selfie through email.


4. This mother holding father’s cape so that he can be a better Batman.

5. These parents celebrated their 54th anniversary and fellas, this is what true love looks like.

6. When these parents finally put a stocking for their daughter-in-law.

7. This mom knows what she is doing.

8. When this day greeted their son like this at the airport. Nailed it.

9. An absolute slayer of a parent this person is.

10. When these parents looked happier to hold the Bacardi bottle than while holding their kid.

11. When these parents didn’t shy away from speaking their mind.

12. When this dad knew how to protect his daughter from creeps.

13. When this father cried out for help.

14. When awkwardness knew no limits.

15. These parents know what they are doing!

16. When these parents got a text message from their son telling them that there is an escaped murderer in their neighborhood, they sent this.

17. These parents took a vacation picture.

18. Last but not the least, these parents who won a pumpkin carving contest.

19. Savage Dads are like!

(h/t: TheChive)