23 Annoying Passengers that’ll Make You Wanna Jump Off the Airplane

We all know how frightful flying can be if you do not have the right kind of neighbors. It can actually leave a scar for life. And in case you have never had a bad experience during your traveling, then you have been quite a lucky person.

Let me tell you that having a passenger sitting next to you who thinks not wearing a shirt is a good idea isn’t the most flattering of things. Want more? There is a man in this compilation who decided to dry his underwear on someone else’s seat. Yikes!

This is going to give you nightmares for a few days.


1. The perfect spot to dry your clothing.


2. Just trying to be comfortable here.


It’s not illegal, people!

3. Too comfortable, to be frank.


Please take your underwear out of my sight.

4. And it’s not always about comfort.

Sometimes it’s about the leg that’s hanging out in front of your face.

5. These people have no concept of manners.

Send them back to hell.

6. Sharing food with everyone is key.

No one should be hungry.

7. Doctor Strange, is that you?

The robotic version of the master of mystic arts.

8. I think no one taught him how to sit properly.

Someone throw a book at this person.

9. Doesn’t look very hygienic, to be honest.

10. Unleash the hair everywhere. Just not on the damn seat.

11. Maybe no one gave her a memo.

Keep your hair away, woman.

12. This is terrorizing a little girl.

You will be charged with assault, human.

13. I don’t know if this is the right way to handle a situation.

What is all this that is happening?

14. These people need to exercise more often.

One simply cannot live in discomfort, can they?

15. Just hitching a free ride. Let him be, will ya?

It’s not like the airlines can charge a fare to his little guy.

16. Keep your hands on me, said no one ever.

17. This sort of self-entitlement is too much to handle.

18. Give me my space back, human!

19. One reason why scissors aren’t allowed on planes.

20. This is so many kinds of nope, it isn’t even funny. *Not really*

Now will be the time to pass the scissors.

21. Why are looking at this weird thing?

22. This picture proves that there is a huge diversity in the type of passengers traveling by air.

23. Some random person sleeping on another random person.

This is truly unacceptable.

(Source: SadAndUseless)