People Share The Filthy Beans Of The Industries They’ve Work In

There are a vast number of industries we all are accustomed to. But as all the good humans do, we all expect the good out of everything. However, that might not be the case every single time. More than once, you ought to face the disappointing truth which serves you with the trust issues you never intended to have. But now you have them.

Here are some more trust issues in small doses you will simply abhor. It’s not my fault people. You just gotta accept that the world is a cruel place to live in.

The following list will only assure you of the same.


1. This is why I have trust issues.


2. Not something we can rely on.


3. Not a hygienic thing to do.


4. Only clean things get to be recycled.

5. Here’s a tip to saving money.

6. When do not have your best interest at heart.

7. Some enlightenment for people who like to buy in bulk.

8. You did the right thing, Karen.

9. I’ll keep this in mind.

10. What kind of discrimination are they practicing!?

11. As in while they are slitting the skin? Yikes!

12. Do not mess with your life savings.

12. Praying is what you will have to resort to.

13. The ugly truth of the athletic world.

14. Doesn’t sound a very good deal.

15. Losing an important moment just like that.

16. It’s a win-win situation.

17. Jot this down and remember it by heart.

(h/t: CollegeHumor)