14 People Who Are Completely Unaware Of The Situation

Many times when we are in a social place, we tend to get ourselves into funny positions with our surroundings. Being completely unaware of the situation and falling into a perfect blend of coincidence and comedy is an art itself. These situations are a picture perfect moment, worth clicking.

The funny part is that the person going through it is never gonna know and by the time they find it out it’s already too late. Like the time when you sit on something nasty and you walk around for hours being completely unaware of it. These pictures below will show you such people who are totally not aware of the awkward and funny situation they were in.



1. He got some daddy long legs and still not aware of it.


2. Must be listening to some hot beats during Algebra!


3. Why is this so popular in high school?


4. Will the brain pop out?


5. Not all in-betweens are pretty!

Prestige photo shoot #famousphotobomb #ksizzle #lol @prestigedance

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6. Noticed an extra character somewhere?


7. She didn’t have a clue, I actually wanna see her expression when she sees it.

8. How many of you think this is a dead body?

9. The owner might hate it, but I’d actually keep it, the googly eyes.


10.  You are right olivia 

11. This old lady has serious indecisive issues.

11. Pop of colour to pull together the whole outfit.

Hat to match the bag! ⛑🎒 #blissfullyunaware

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12. Man! This is why education is important.


13. She is totally owning this situation.

14. This cutie has no idea how needle works!