15 Astounding Photos From The 2017 National Geographic Nature Photography Contest

Every year the National Geographic Magazine, which is one of the most prestigious natural science magazines out there, hosts a nature photography competition. All sorts of people are allowed to submit their photographs in the hopes of winning. The prizes include a huge cash prize, and most valuable, exposure.

The winners’ get their photos featured in the magazine, website and social media pages. As any photographer will tell you, that is the real prize. Imagine an aspiring photographer being featured by National Geographic… It would make their entire career. Besides those benefits, we also get a whole host of incredible photos to gawk at. The winner has not been announced yet, but we have been treated to some truly astounding photographs so far… Here are a few of our favorites.



1. It’s the circle of life in HD.

2. I walk a lonely road, it’s the only road I’ve ever known…


3. Icebergs look pretty, but they are deadly. Just ask Rose and Jack.

4. Good news guys! I found Nemo!

5. Can you imagine living here?

6. This is what I imagine when I swim in the dark.

7. Nature is majestic… and that looks like the whale equivalent of twerking.

8. When a crocodile looks at you like that, you run.

9. This shark will never know how on fleek he looked…

10. Up next in the Mazerunner series… The Maze-swimmer… Coming soon to a theatre near you.

11. Me when I eat spaghetti.

12. How long must this guy have been waiting for this shot?

13. The streams near the end, sort of form the shape of a confused llama face.

14. Great picture of a lizard sneezing.

15. He looks so happy with his new toy!