20 Pictures That Will Feed Your Perfectionist OCD Very Well

Being an OCD in this modern era has become a common factor to inhibit. Well, as long as it’s doing no harm I think it’s pretty much okay (said by the person who is a clean freak). You know, my father always said if you know that you are OCD about something, it doesn’t really mean you are one. That’s how I redeem of all the weird habits I have that people around me think “It’s too much”.

And what’s wrong with being a perfectionist, all we want is everything to be precisely mended in terms of sizes and shapes. I get it that’s its impossible and annoying sometimes but common how is being messy doing good in anything? Is asking for a totally white room and white furniture with a mix of greys and black too much? At least my guests wouldn’t have to be reminded to not touch anything, they’ll just know! Okay, it’s a tad bit weird!

Anyway, having said that, for someone who is a perfectionist would enjoy seeing this list of pictures because they are too good to be real. Trust me, it pleases the eye, it’ll surely give you peace as well! Go on, scroll it down!



1. These waves look so perfect to be real.

2. And we complain about not having enough space!


3. Twinning with the chair mate!

4. The perfect ombre that every hairstylist work hard for.

5. If I was the one taking the picture I wouldn’t dare to destroy the snow.

6. These fairy lights are doing more than they were made for.

7. Not much of a sweet lover but these make me hungry.

8. Those footprints remind me of Looney Tunes.

9. I can spend all day making such globes on the beach.

10. Mum, if you see this you’d understand why I love snakes.

11. Tiny perfect snowflakes that make Christmas merrier.

12. Haa, show this to the person who likes popping them.

13. My friend makes pancakes and it doesn’t look like these at all.

14. How much do you feed a rabbit to look like a furry snowball?

15. Only if there was an Oscar for best pipeline installation.

16. This burger is the Jennifer Lawrence of all burgers.

17. The tornado baby hair-do.

18. How can something be so pretty and simple at the same time?

19. These cables are just so satisfying, job well-done cable guy!

20. This can’t be real, common!

(source: AcidCow)

21. Just can’t get enough of the geometry.



22. This should be installed in some modern art museum!


23. This is some oddly satisfying visual.


24.  This is just too much sweet to handle.


25. Straight out of a fairytale!


26. These look like ornaments on a leaf.



27. And this can give you an eye-o****m!


28. These Hues giving some heavy competition to the rainbows!


29. If this doesn’t hypnotize you, then nothing will!


30. It’s rare, it’s different and just so damn pretty!


31. It will be a pain to use this eyeliner for the fear of ruining it.


32. Nature’s miracle on a tree trunk!