18 Side-splitting Pics to Jumpstart Your Monday with A Positive Boost

An attractive imagery is always desirable to the eyes. It does make a lot of heads turn left, right, and sometimes even a one-eighty (if the neck allows). In any case, your eyes are going to enjoy the sight in front of you.

Plus, it’s also a known thing that not everything existing adds the beautification factor to this planet spinning on its axis 24/7. At times, two tigers waiting for you to transform into their dinner can give you the chills but also excite with you (not really but you get the gist of the situation, right?)

This compilation is a collection of cool pictures capable of making your jaw drop as well as laugh your heart out rolling.

1. This is the snake version of Obama.


Hello Obama, is that you? We miss you, man.


2. You are looking at a subway tribute to David Bowie.


All hail, David Bowie.


3. Photograph of the human eye.


How very amusing this is!


4. This pistachio/strawberry ice cream matched the couple’s matching outfits.

Coincidences can really make you feel dumb.


5. A hard-boiled egg was left in the fridge for one year and now it looks like marble.

So is this a new thing? Egg marbles?


6. When you look at this statue, it looks like it continues on forever.

It’s like staring at the ocean. Never-ending.


7. An elephant diving underwater.

A majestic view in its true form.

8. A candid picture on the top of the world.

Let’s give a shout out to all the people scared of heights.

9. A frozen leaf on display.

Now, ice has started to grow on trees.

10. Two bikers experience a peekaboo moment.

Tigers having a gala time together.

11. A woman kissing the camel.

Loving animals is officially a thing.

12. Watch it, as you might get lost in the sea of ships.

There are too many of them, aren’t there?

13. A Japanese online keyboard to make you go crazy.

In case, you wanted to boggle your mind.

14. The tattoo that perfectly fits the mouth.

This is a great piece of art. I am sure you want to try something creative now as well.

15. When beauty has got no definition.

16. Let’s catch the damn drone, shall we?

17. This is going to be a beautiful game.

18. Looks like a photogenic crab.

It was amazing, wasn’t it? So many W*F moments along with a sprinkle of beauty makes this gallery one of the best. Let us know your experience in the comment section. We will be counting on it.

(Source: eBaum’s World)