15 Pictures That Make Miniature Life Seem So Much Better

How do you look at life? Do you try and see it in a normal way? Or do you dare to be different? Tatsuya Tanaka is an artist who has a different view of life. He knows that humans aren’t the biggest creatures on earth, and they certainly aren’t the smallest either. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we were all tiny little beings afraid of ants? Tatsuya Tanaka took that idea and turned it into art. His art is precise and life-like if you were only a few inches tall. And that’s probably what makes it so interesting.


1. The Printer Wars.

I swear, it’s the next installment in the franchise.

2. Cafe Coffee Cup.


This is probably the most hipster coffee store you’ve ever seen.

3. Broccoli/Mushroom forest.

Because who wouldn’t want to hang out in a broccoli-mushroom forest with a couple of animals?

4. The Surf-fan.


Because the real ocean is massively overrated.

5. The Tissue Plant.

Like the little shoemaker elves, except these guys clean your phone screen. It’s like a modern fairytale. Eat your heart out Hans Christen Andersen!

6. The Gouda Desert.

It’s going to ‘brie’ hot! Get it? ‘Cause it’s cheese? Oh nevermind.

7. A Bread Bed.

And a tired mom being tormented by her offspring.

8. A Thermometer Kayak.

This little guy is on a journey. He probably won’t get very far, but at least he’s on one.

9. The Rice Pitch.

No, wait… I think that’s a rice farm? Nope, it’s a long jump field! Nailed it.

10. A Bicycle Rack.

That poor little guy is going to be late for work. How rude of the other little people to not keep a space for their friend. It is possible that I might be reading too much into this. Nah, I’m good. Those other little people are jerks.

11. Mount Rhodia.

That guy had a massive trek from the table to the top of that notebook.

12. Toilet Paper Hills.

This looks like the place where tiny Batman probably trained with tiny Ra’s Al Ghul.

13. The Kiwi Workers.

This is probably where pre-sliced fruit comes from. You learn something new every day.

14. The Belt Dragon.

Those miniature soldiers are facing off a gigantic monster. Don’t laugh, that thing probably attacked several villages by now. But it sort of looks like that guy on the far left is done with the whole tense stand-off thing. Can’t blame him, it does seem like a bit of an overreaction.

15. Keyboard Sonata.

One little man against the world.

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