The Real Use Of This Part Of A Chopstick Will Put You In Shock

Does a person exist who does not like Chinese cuisine/food? I mean its a universal favorite, the taste, odor and the appearance of the food, its a weakness honestly!

When you sit across a wooden table, served with Pork Choy Bau, Chicken stirred fried with Szechuan Pepper, Golden fried Dim-Sum, the list goes on and on.


But when you try to nail the cuisine like a pro and might have used the Chopsticks to slurp the noodles or the sticky fried rice. Personally, I give it a try every time but gave up due to impatience halfway through my meal and head back to my forks and spoon.

There are different types of chopsticks like the wooden, disposables, plastic and metals. And most of us use the disposable wooden sticks commonly, while at it, you might have noticed the end part where it has a tab-like structure.


We normally, click that tab off to part the sticks but wait till you find out the actual reason why it exists and we’ve been doing it all wrong all this freaking time!

Twitter user Spookymantha, @bortofdarkness, tackle her way to discovering the real purpose of the tab and we feel so dumb to not see it all along.

And the tab is actually meant to mount your chopstick on so that it doesn’t touch the table while you place them.


And this is how we’ve been using all those years, I really feel very ignorant.


People on Twitter are getting mad over this.


If you go to fancy Restaurants, you’ll see they provide a metal or some designed holder for your metal chopsticks.

Flickr/City Foodsters

There are people who actually manufacture these pieces.

Wikimedia Commons

This hidden purpose hit me so hard, maybe because Chinese food is my favorite and I let that slip through my hands. But now we know it and I feel like I’ve achieved something, I hope you do too!

(h/t: EliteReaders)