22 Relationship Memes That’ll Give You Painful Lonely Feels

It’s easy to talk about something rather than to actually show it in practical, we all know that. So, that’s what we’re all doing when it comes to things that we don’t understand at all in general, like relationships and finding love. What’s the point, you use your whole life searching for true love, you meet them, get together and marry each other (if you’re lucky enough). And then life goes on, build a family and die at some point because death is inevitable.

Then why are we scared of growing old alone? I wish I had an answer for that. Maybe its the ultimate fear of not belonging or being the deep wish of someone.

A relationship has its pros and cons like every other acquaintance. Its beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, touching, annoying, etc. As confusing as it is, we want to highlight the funny part that we can all relate to like the memes that have been circulating on the internet because of it’s sharp humor and sarcasm in it. So, without further ado, let’s Marvin Gaye and get on with it!


1. That’s when she takes over 3/4 of the bed.


2. Never let that person go.


3. And she acts well too!


4. Please tell me it is just the Mike Posner song!

5. Wow, this guy has high hopes!

6. Amen to that!

7. I’ve been waiting for all eternity.

8. This is so me, the only problem is I have no bae!

9. He is the perfect husband, I agree!

10. Yes, slowly you reveal everything.

11. The look on his face though!

12. She will do anything to show the effort she took.

13. If it was that easy as it sounds!

14. This is so relatable!

15. Omg, she is nailing with the pearls!

16. Why do boys always think women are on their periods?

17. I guess this happens to everyone.

18. Totally me! I just scan the room first for a plug if I’m sleeping over somewhere else.

19. The difference is hilarious.

20. Shake up? Like that’s ever gonna happen.

21. That satisfying look.

22. And she says she doesn’t understand a thing!

(h/t: Cheezburger)