21 Horrendous Russian Dating Profiles that’ll Break Your Heart In Pieces

When it comes to dating sites, it would be a sin to give you guys a heads up because I don’t have much idea about it. Yeah, I’m kinda old school with all the dating systems. But thanks to some of my friends, they fill me in the areas I don’t participate. So, one of the most common thing you do on dating sites is put impressive info about yourself (some people highly exaggerate it), and the best pictures as fish bait, of course!

Now, when you say pictures, no offense but it seems like the Russians have it all mixed up. They obviously are active on dating sites, and yes, they are very proud to go all out. Either it’s with their carpets, weapons or weird choice of hairstyles, it’s one you shouldn’t miss. Why don’t you have a look and decide if you’d swipe right or left?


1. The choice of props is highly doubtful.


2. But why the kitchen glove in the tub?


3. The personification of trashiness.


4. I must say, the backdrop is quite rich!

5. He can really spread those legs.

6. “Bullet for my Valentine”, had to say it.

7. She likes to blend in with the floor.

8. Okay, it’s a gun, but what is that hairstyle?

9. Out of all the colors, ‘pink’?

10. “I like cleaning when I’m not shooting”.

11. May the force be with you!

12. Trying so hard not to lose my sanity.

13. Is this a football position, or what?

14. It is true that Mermaids are scary creatures.

15. Helping the chicken fly.

16. Since when did the bathtub become a good spot?

17. He looks constipated, he needs liquids.

18. Okay, let’s not be too mean with our judgments.

19. Lots of carpets, and a perfect split.

20. “I am very calm as long as you love me”.

21. This man got some real swag.

(Source: TheChive)