A Pair Of Good Samaritans Help An Elderly Man, And His Wife Tells The Something Heartbreaking

There is a lot going on in the world right now. We have to live with war, illness and ridiculous internet drama. That is why it is nice to take a break from everything. Some people choose to go off the grid and switch off their phones. Some people go on holiday. And some people go see a baseball game.

What is it about baseball that draws people together? It is probably one of the more entertaining sports…


And we are all friends in the bleachers…

The atmosphere was wonderful and you could feel the excitement in the air. One spectator, Lauren Hinkston Hintzsche and her husband, were chatting to two men in front of them who were very excited about the game too. They then saw an elderly couple making their way to their seats.

If you have ever attended a sports game in a stadium, then you will know how dangerous it can be when you are trying to get to your seat. The two men who were in front of Lauren and her husband jumped up and went to assist the elderly man, who was walking with a cane. It turns out that the elderly couple had seats right next to Lauren.

"Even though the Cubs win was just awesome, this story tops a win anytime in my book. An older couple sat next to John…

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

As her husband thanked the kind strangers, his wife leaned over and told Lauren something that had her in tears…

The wife explained that her husband was going through his last round of chemotherapy. They were there to take a break from all the stress in their lives.

As soon as the game had ended, Lauren gave the two good samaritans a big hug and thanked them for being so kind.


Then she posted the story online where it quickly went viral.

Stories like these give us hope, and so we thank those two men for all the good they did by being willing to help.