People Share Silliest Reasons Of Their Break-ups, and It’ll Leave You Rolling In The Aisles

Relationships in our generation can surely be quite tricky probably because people have now become way too much picky. Now, that can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on the criteria that you are being picky upon. If your criteria include factors like “he doesn’t respect me” or “she mistreats me” then you are on the right track whereas if you tend to take trivial things seriously which actually don’t really matter in the long run then you are the one with a problem.

We have got 23 such people hear who broke up because of the most bizarre reasons. Take a look.


1. A girl who probably was a kid at heart.


2. Clearly, he’s not a fan of Nickleback.


3. Haw! That’s a comparison no girl ever wants to hear.


4. Leaving her was the only obvious option left for him.

5. Ok, this girl is truly crazy we can agree on that part.

6. Possibly the weirdest reason to break-up ever.

7. When you like to keep things running so you just.

8. Well, maybe she liked little milk spills.

9. You such a great observer boy, why don’t you become a detective?

10. That’s quite a “bag” habit.

11. Who are you, a measuring tape?

12. Only fish lovers can relate to this.

13. When you are a lazy b*m.

14. Oh! You mean a “Boy with a dragon trouser”.

15. When you are allergic to the new-age silly words.

16. Maybe he did deserve to be broken up with her.

17. Surely this guy has never heard of a term called “slip of tongue”.

18. Ok, but what was the problem girl?

19. Wow! Thank god you finally broke up.

20. Because apparently, her feet mattered more than her heart.

21. But first, clean sugar.

22. But the question my friend is why did that bug you?

23. Some people do lack a little sense of dressing.

24. What a reason.

(Credit: Imgur)