20 Absolutely Strange Things that Americans Do but Never Realize

Let me put it out there, I love America and it’s people. The wide variety of race and culture, the land of the dreams where people from every corner of the world come to pursue their dreams. You know what I’m talking about, ‘Living the American dream’!

But with all that glory, Americans are also known for their weird lifestyle and choice of day-to-day necessities. For them, it’s quite normal because they are used to it, but if you’re an immigrant, I bet you have been asking yourself these questions on a daily basis. Here are some of the pictures that our fellow American brothers and sisters might need to give us some explanations!


1. Why do all your notes look the same, like the same color, same size?


It’s utterly confusing!

Agcuesta / Getty Images

2. ‘Easy’, is’t like easy to digest or something?


Still can’t think of a reason for this name choice.


3. The Pj trend which you see everywhere.


Pajamas are for bedtime, not to wear on the streets.


4. You love your flag, we get it but isn’t it too much sometimes?

It’s like wearing your own picture and name on your shirt.


5. Ice water, literally every season, even on deadly winters!

Why would you drink freezing water when it’s snowing?


6. And the AC is always yanked up so high everywhere.

You know, there are people who can’t adopt such sudden and extreme change in temperature.


7. The wide highways.

Okay, you have a lot of space, but is there even a word that can define the sizes of your highways?

Peeterv / Getty Images

8. The pharmacies also have booze, cigarettes, etc. available in them.

Like how is that possible? I’d be like ‘can I have a dozen of beer and some aspirin for the morning hangover’, kind of convenient actually.

Chris Hondros / Getty Images

9. Showerheads attached to the walls.

How do you wash your private areas? And you can’t even move the shower, you have to calculate the exact angle, so much hard work indulged.

Andreblais / Getty Images

10. “How are you?” means “Hello”. 

Like literally, they have changed a whole lot of ENGLISH language that it is freaking confusing!


11. The never-ending flavours of coffee.

Pumpkin spice, s’mores, peppermint, unicorn, etc. One day in the near future, the real coffee will diminish for sure!


12. The extra large sizes of cars.

It’s like the land of giants, but there are people with short heights too but that doesn’t seem to stop the country from making huge cars.

Bsauter / Getty Images

13. The abundance of TV commercials.

This is kinda insane because it takes all your time to watch a single 30 mins show.


14. The weird security system.

She is 40, that’s the mid-life already, and some people have trust issues.

15. There should be a limit to certain experiments.

Creativity is not the word anymore, you know they say that less is more, right?

16. They call it the French bread!

Ah-ah, nope it’s not French bread, and stop calling every bread, french!

17. The extra large gap between toilet doors.

How is this solving the occupied part of the toilet, explain, please!

18. The big portions served at the restaurants.

19. Some obsessions with three-liter wine.

20. Using ATM card just with your signature.