15 Street Art Creations Which Are So Meaningful That You May Not Understand

Alex Senna is a Brazilian street artist who expresses romance, human hypocrisy, and random stimulus through youthful black and white illustrations. As a Colourblind, Alex only used one color to sketch during his early days, later on with his simple but sophisticated way of presenting human intuitions and instincts on the urban walls of many cities, caught a lot of eyes making him a remarkable artist of the contemporary world. Though his characters are all about minimalism and monochromatic, the way he stretches out the shadow in gigantic sizes across urban walls makes it all more intense.

You can also view more of his work here Instagram.


1. There are times when Roofs don’t do its job.

2. The woman on a bike, why do we see that only on gyms now?


3. Coloured Gallery with B&W art!

4. When food becomes the basic need.


5. The Art of making double graffiti as we create lesser subjects to feel larger in life.

6. It’s easy to cave in rather than to stand for your point.

7. Bussiness Meetings of Modern Era.

8. The realization comes when you see something great which you aren’t.

9. The Opposite way is also a direction and it exists.

10. We all have a Master of our Toy Story.

11. The Past tells us to do something in the Present.

12. Toxicity has its own parasitic effect.

13. Swing your emotions now and then.

14. Desire might sometimes blind our true path.

15. Love doesn’t need color.