20 Stupefying Fun Facts That’ll Surely Make You Feel Different

There is a saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”. We know exactly what that means, but it’s hard to follow any basic rule. Because we humans are naturally adapted to poke our noses in someone else’s business, it’s super annoying but we still do it.

That’s why we are naturally eager to learn new facts that we come across anywhere, in any category. And these fun facts are quite helpful in terms of being updated and staying in the loop. Also, having the knowledge of weird situations might make you smart in a room full of people who are busy on social media platforms. Who wouldn’t wanna be a living, breathing Wikipedia? I’m always gonna sign up for it for the next million years, oh wait, Apocalypse might stop that!

Having said that, here are some cool fun facts that might feed your brain some news to store. Enjoy the list of interesting facts!



1. I wish I could be that generous too.

2. The assassination was such a letdown.


3. Eh…what’s up doc?

4. How satisfying to know.

5. That’s 3 days 14 hours, holy moly!

7. And he is ruling the galaxies now alongside Gamora.

8. Freaking $1! And it has six different parts now.

9. And obviously, Kim Jong-Un is one of them.

10. Must be a really good prank, E.T coming back home!

11. Who knows, it might actually happen!

12. You see, it’s all about business policy.

13. They must’ve hit the right nerves.

14. Coffee, my only love!

15. Such a gentleman, and smart inventor.

16. You’d be surprised by what young talent can do.

17. That’s some fact, just keep swimming!

18. Woah that is quite huge!

19. He somehow deserves a medal for that.

20. It must a horrifying courtroom.

(h/t: eBaum’s World)