17 Teens Whose Sense Of Humor Level Is Higher Than The Eiffel Tower

With age comes wiseness they say, which is wildly believed to be true (maybe less true for the ones who believe experience is the true virtue), I gotta be diplomatic here, can’t help it, I live in a democratic country with a planet full of races and varieties.

Going back to age, according to not only me but scientifically, adolescence is the most hyperactive stage in a human lifespan. Whatever adrenaline rush, you name it, it’s sure to be secreted at this age. I once was a teen too, wow that seems so long ago, not that I’m bad at math! So, I know what it’s like to be a teen and now more than ever I know how hard it is to tolerate a teen.

First of all, hats off to the parents that nailed their job in keeping their teen kids sane, I know how mine are! But see, you neither can’t blame the teens, because they are in the transitional stage of physical and psychological development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood. But boy, they do stupid things and get into trouble, making life a living hell,(been there, done that). Here are some funny and hilarious things that teens of now are getting into and posting on social media, you might end up finding your old teen in one of them, go ahead!



1. Princess Fiona, is that you?

2. Like, why would you even put it in your mouth in the first place?


3. Though T-rex has a walnut-sized brain, they are amazing, that’s why!

4. I don’t even have to say much about this one!

5. I am so doing this for Christmas.

6. But she totally nailed the look though!

7. Does she paste them, or how?

8. The teenage creativity level is never-ending.

9. Her I.D is lit, I don’t even know why I’m jealous.

10. This is cute, Blake Lively would totally approve!

11. Doesn’t he look like Jonah Hill of the movie ‘Wolf Of Wallstreet’?


12. It ain’t trust issues bro you’re just an introvert.

13. Owning up the actions in the end.

14. Her enthusiasm is infectious as hell.

15. Yup, just do it!

16. She just gave me a great idea!

17. Maybe the B&W filter hid it well.


(h/t: BuzzFeed)