13 TV Show Characters That Were Cut Off For The Most Unworthy Reasons

What can be more annoying than a TV series or episodal show cuts off the characters you started liking? It’s super saddening because it takes us time to actually scan a show we like from the pool of amazing shows, dedicate your time and energy to it by binge-watching overnights like an owl. Then you analyze certain characters and wait if you should put all your sweats on it.

See, it’s really not an easy job to love a fictional character, it’s a long process of dedication!

And the dreadful pain of agony peaks through when you hear the news that the producers are changing the cast and that your favorite character will be no more, it sucks right? And they never give us a valid explanation on why they terminated those characters.

But don’t worry we did some digging and here’s why some of these characters are no more, it’s equally bizarre too!



1. Beverly Hills: 90210

Shannen Doherty, who played Brenda in this TV show of the 90’s was cut off due to her ‘diva attitude’  that none of her cast could digest on the set. They eventually fired her, though she did make an appearance on 2008 revamp of the show, titled 90210. 

2. South Park.


Isaac Haye the actor who voiced the chef’s character in Southpark was a Scientologist who didn’t take it well when Parker and Stone mocked his religion and eventually left the show hence killing off the character.

3. Glee.

Brittany Pierce the not so bright cheerleader, played by actor Heather Morris was cut off from the show due to her pregnancy at the time of the shooting.

4. Two and A Half Men.

The iconic and popular Charlie Sheen’s character was cut off due to the infamous feud he had with the producers. He spoke ill about the producer Chuck Lorre and posted a video about it. He was kicked out making a new character that landed Ashton Kutcher in the show.

 5. The Cosby Show.

The role Denise Huxtable played by Lisa Bonet was cut off due to “creative differences”. The actor poses topless for a magazine spread that irked the producers.

6. Girls.

The character playing Marnie’s boyfriend was taken out of the show with no valid reason, it was rumored that maybe it was due to the creative differences between him and Lena Dunham.

7. House.

The role of Lawrence Kutner played by actor Kal Penn was eliminated in the 5th season because he got a position in Obama’s White House. Now that’s some career update!

8. That 70’s Show.

Actor Tommy Chong played the role of Leonard “Leo” Chingkwake disappeared from the show when he was jailed for nine months for selling bongs. Quite interesting reason!

9. LOST.

The role of Charlie Pace played by Dominic Monaghan was cut off when he left the show because his on-screen co-star Evangeline Lily broke his heart off-screen by dumping him.

10. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Aunt Viv’s role played initially by Janet Hubert got replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid because she was charged with violating the contract by getting pregnant. What kind of contract is that?

11. The Simpsons.

Maggie Roswell who voiced the role of Maude Flanders was killed off because the producers didn’t agree on paying the travel fees for the actor. They thought it’d be cheaper to actually kill the character. Like what? Seriously?

12. Desperate Housewives.

The role of Eddie played by Nicolette Sheridan was cut off due to the clash between the actress and the creator of the show Marc Cherry.

13. Doctor Who.

The main protagonist the Doctor was played by William Henry Hartnell was recast by a younger actor as a regeneration of the character due to his declining health.

(h/t: theHOOK)