This Uber Driver Sympathizes Her Customer Who Is Ghosted By Her Ex In The Coolest Way

In the world where you can find hatred at places you didn’t even know existed on the map, it’s amazing to spread the love. It is something this Uber driver believed in as she tried to help out a woman in need. Being the savage young lady that she is, shying away from helping out a stranger didn’t scare her. It all started when a girl hired the uber service and broke down after revealing the preceding tragic incidents.

The entire journey is shown through live tweeting.



So now, the girl hailed the cab.

Trusting people isn’t a good option these days.


Maybe Karma is paying her to do the job. What do we know?

This does sound fishy.

And she is stunning too.

That is all that counts.

Aaron King twitter is coming for you.

Aaron King doesn’t sound legit at all.

Back off, you shady human.

Safe and sound and lovely.

Take care of the young lady.

Someone give them a medal.

They do need some award for this one.

Before saying bye, let’s just agree on the fact that we all need to spread more love in this world. We need to stick together.

(h/t: Twitter)