16 Pics That Are Way More Than Just Annoying

There are things that can’t be changed when they are not according to you. And we understand it’s very frustrating. It’s not necessary that what you find disturbing, will also be disturbing for the other person. But there are those humungous ly weird photos that are universally annoying. Yep, it’s not just you, but everyone shrieking in discomfort when they see something so annoying. So try to keep those eyes open and not shout a ‘STOP!’ as we have brought to you a compilation of photos that are annoying AF!

 1. Let’s pretend that this old man is up to some good.



2. Why does this remind you of Harry Potter? But that isn’t a wand. And that has pierced his forehead!


3. Potato bath! Why Oh why?

4. And this was easier to make?!

5. This is plain murder!

6. Oh, so we made food for the Aliens?!

7. What should I wear? What should I wear? Pink-tights to ruin everyone’s day maybe.

8. Look at me I’m a creep who loves to lick anime breasts.

9. Now it won’t keep the teeth whiter!

10. We know that guy is high.

11. I’ll drive you crazy with my beauty.

12. And Beiber doesn’t need face swapping to be annoying!

13. Beware all you OCD people!

14. Somehow it also seems that he has pooped his pants.

15. The worst unicorn costume ever!

16. So now the zombies want to be eaten!

(h/t: Imgur)