Ever Wondered What Your Body Language Say About You?

There are only so many ways of reading a person. The biggest shout out of anyone’s personality is their body language- it’s the way they talk, move, and lean towards you. Nothing should be left for speculation. Take the hint and let every move, every tilt of head speak for itself.

Personality reading has always been something that everyone enjoys and I know you are counted in the list of one of those people. It’s a fun task to accomplish along with keeping you well-informed about things.

Here are a few ways in which you can comprehend what someone’s body language is saying about them.



1. Hands in the pocket.

While you try to look cool with your hands in your pocket, there’s so much the position of your thumb conveys. If your thumb is inside the pocket, it implies that you are timid but if it’s outside your pocket then it displays confidence.

2. Tilting your head?


You are considered to be more attractive when your head is a bit tilted.

3. Crossing your arms.

People seem to get negative vibes when you cross your arms during a conversation. They will refrain themselves from being emotional.

4. Magical touch.


For someone to believe that you trust them, touch their arms between the elbow and shoulder.

5. Laugh.

According to research, men love women who can laugh at them while women are attracted to men who can make them laugh. Do the maths and act accordingly.

6. Eye contact.

The way you make eye contact with others denote honesty, interest, and confidence.

7. Sitting posture of men.

‘For men, the classic manspreading shows the dominant person, someone who likes to be in charge: “the kind of people who give themselves ‘you da man’ pep talks in the mirror every morning”.

In most European and Asian countries, men often sit with the left leg crossed over the right with both pointing downwards. In the US this will probably indicate a closed nature but if one leg is horizontal with the ankle resting on the knee, then this is a confident and often argumentative pose.’

8. The way a female sits.

Women mostly sit with their legs together due to the way they dress. However, the ankle lock aka wrapping one foot under the other denotes fear or repression.

9. Playing with your hair.

Running your hands through your hair, especially taking hair away from your face, is often a sign of flirting and openness.

Playing with hair is not always a good sign, though. Holding hair indicates awkwardness and nervousness.

10. Drumming fingers.

The people who have a habit of drumming their fingers on the desk display impatient behavior. This can also be utilized by dominant people to showcase that they are not happy with something.

11. Where your body is leaning.

If your body leans towards someone, it means that you like them or if they are leaning away from you, then consider yourself not liked enough.

12. Handshake.

A firm handshake implies confidence while a loose handshake signifies lack of it.

13. Lying.

When your eyes go up to the right side while talking that means you are using your imagination to cook up a lie. Then, there are other signs of lying like dry mouth and swallowing awkwardly.

14. Flirting.

You reflect each other’s body language while flirting. However, don’t go overboard with it or it will look super weird.

15. Shoulder shrug.

A weak shoulder shrug means that you are unsure about whatever you said while a sharp and strong shoulder shrug implies strength.

(source: TheChive, indi100)