Ever Wondered What Your Doodles Say About You?

According to research, doodling is not just meaningless scribbles but it does signify our hidden traits. Like, say when your talking over the phone or listening to a lecture in class if you have a pen and a paper by your side, you are prone to doodle something. They say that when your conscious mind is paying full attention to something but your hand is doodling, it means your subconscious mind is taking over your body. Whatever you draw shows the inner side that you keep hidden away from the world. I normally doodle intricate pictures, now does that make me an irrational person? Let’s find out!



1. The Heart symbol.

It means you are a romantic person.

2. Boats and Planes.


It means you want to travel somewhere, maybe looking for an escape route from your current situation.

3. Chessboard.

People with mood swings tend to draw such doodles, maybe he/she is indecisive or trying to figure out the pros and cons of their decisions.

4. Clustered and Intricate Patterns.

If you do this you are highly introverted and often chaotic in terms of being obsessed with certain objects. You are basically ambitious in everything.

5. Faces.

People who see the goods in other draw good faces and if its ugly faces they tend to have trust issues. Normally drawing any kind of faces also indicates the communication they have with other people.

6. Ladders and Staircases.

It blatantly means you have a goal that might take you time but it shows the full dedication that you’re willing to put in it. Also, very ambitious in life!

7. House Doodles.

If it is a messy house it means an unhappy home, problems regarding family. But if its a clean house it says a happy family.

8. Names and Initials.

This is one of the most common doodle among teenagers, it means they seek attention from friends and family. It also hints yearn for independence.

9. Humans with stick figures.

This is for that person who knows what he/she wants and is in control of their life. They are mainly established people in life.

10. Eyes.

If you doodle large and eccentric eyes it means you are outgoing, if its small eyes you’re quiet and hard to open up. And if its closed eyes it means you have a hidden story that you don’t like to share.

11. Cubes and Boxes.

It means you are trying to solve a situation in your life. You are likely to be a person who likes to evolve and progress.

12. Spider Webs.

People who draw this, feel uncertainty or trapped inside and they are trying to find a way out.

13. Zigzags.

It depicts an artistic person who likes positive energy.

14. Stars.

It depicts optimistic people who are very positive on achieving their goals.

15. Triangles.

Inverted triangles depict an introverted person, other than that it means positive and well-matured characteristics.

16. Clouds.

This is someone who has their heads in the cloud, a total daydreamer.

17. Arrows.

Arrows basically point at a target, people who draw these also are very adamant about their goals.

18. Bees and Butterflies.

If you like drawing things that can fly you are that person who doesn’t like to be tied down. You want freedom.

(h/t: WalesOnline)