White Girl Responds after People Called her Racist for Wearing A Chinese Dress to Prom

As we’re going to talk about cultural appropriation, let’s discuss what the term focuses on. So basically, cultural appropriation takes place when you offend anyone of a particular culture by adorning their clothing.

Sounds truly bizarre, right? Well, that is what happens when you wear a Chinese assemble to prom. No matter how gorgeous it looks, people are going to crawl on their knees to bring you down.


Meet this amazing young lady who is the protagonist in this tale.


Keziah went to prom wearing a traditional Chinese dress, qipao.


Instead of choosing some usual attire for prom, she chose to wear something different.


People branded her choice of clothing as casual racism.

*Sighs in utter pain*

And so people went on to crush the young lady because their culture cannot be worn to prom.

Calling Keziah out for ignoring the history behind the dress.

Then, there were some who were outright bullying her.

It’s not ‘just a dress’.

There are not enough words in the dictionary for these people to use in explaining how a culture has been destroyed.

As I said, there literally are not enough words.

The conversations prompted further arguments among the Twitterati.

However, that didn’t mean people didn’t come to Keziah’s rescue.

They were supporting her all and all.

Some even shared their own story to add to the pile.

Telling how sharing cultures is beautiful and should be done more.

Well, that’s true. People are so sensitive to everything these days.

However, Keziah explained her side of things.

She was simply showing her love for a foreign culture.

And thankfully, she refused to delete her post.

So what do you guys think? Is she wrong for wearing that dress or is it simply stunning how she wants to share the love with the world?

(Source: Twitter)