22 Witty Things People Did During A Relationship

Who says being married kills all the fun? Just because the millennial age has slammed all the pristine aura of love and marriage it doesn’t mean every couple has lost the essence. There are couples that still ignites with love and care all throughout their shared lives, they are such an inspiration. The loyalty and ambiguity are all that it matters to stay happy in a married life.

And of course, fun and entertainment are also needed, to keep the attachment strong. Some couples always make that small joke or prank which looks stupid most of the time but trust me ‘the little things’ are what that counts the most.


1. His wife was out of town, so he decided to dine with the kitties.


2. With a husband like him, breakfast every morning must be a delight.


3. She asked him to paint them, and he chose the most intimate and romantic scene!


4. This happens when you let your hubby take over the nursery room.

5. She is definitely a keeper and a good catch!

6. Oh, the subtle choice of words that will scare away dragons too, I envy the creativity!

7. Boyfriend bought a label maker, and the cat was his first victim.

8. If you have an indecisive wife who can’t let go of old things, just paste them on the wall and make a gallery.

9. She asked for a retouch, he made it the civil war!

10. The husband who’d embarrassed himself and tell all tales about his wife crying over the “Lord Of The Rings”.

11. He thought his bride’s bouquet wasn’t doing justice to the picture.

12. When the fortune cookie is being all PDA.

13. “While on my computer my boyfriend walked up behind me and started rubbing my back. I thought he was being sweet, then he sent this picture to my phone.”

14. Weirdest Christmas card ever, man! I don’t think you’ll get any eggnog!

15. His wife told him to wear a plain tie for dinner, wait! What?

16. So, the wifey got greeted with this half-men half-dog in the morning!

17. She did say she wanted a coach-bag for her birthday.

18. Oh, my I cannot bear this cruelty!

19. Husband was so hyped of pregnancy photoshoot but not his wife so he took initiative.

20. The selfie game is strong here with the cat and his hooman.

21. Wife is out for the weekend, finally some bromance on the table.

22. He won a trip to Puerto Rico, the wife couldn’t make it, this is the whole collage of his trip, poor man!

23. How talented is this guy? Woman! never stop loving him!

The pranks are quite funny and interesting, it is something that adds the spice in a committed relationship, to just have fun and get stupid for no reason at all. You just gotta let loose sometimes! See, being in a relationship isn’t that bad at all.

(h/t: eBaum’sWorld)