Russian Woman Gives birth in the Red Sea while Traveling in Egypt is Trending Now

Normally, a baby is born in a hospital or other places which involve Earth but in this case, that was not the case. A Russian tourist gave birth to her child in the Red Sea in Egypt. The onlookers in the resort town of Dahab, north of Sharm el-Sheikh were so shocked by the incident. They clicked pictures while the partner of the newly-mother and her father emerged from the sea.


The woman could also be seen after some time sporting a happy face.


Neither the identity of the child or the mother is known yet.


The people who shared the pictures said that the woman went for a swim when her father and partner went to assist her.


The pair then carried the baby in a bowl while its umbilical cord was still attached to it.

People commented on how ‘beautiful’ the birth was.

It’s not clear whether the woman intended to give birth in the sea or not.

This is definitely out of the box way of childbirth we have ever seen.

(h/t: Dailymail)