Woman Takes A Stand On Mental Health To Break The Stigma In Her Office While Her Boss Is Fully Supportive

Madelyn Parker, a web developer from Ann Borr, Michigan, took the twitter by storm when she shared an exchange that she had with her boss emailing him about her decision to take a week off to focus on her mental health. Parker, in the past, has been a vocal advocate for supportive work places after she wrote an emotional piece on battling mental health problems in 2015. Mental and emotional health problems are often not taken seriously and even stigmatized in corporate sectors, which ironically demands peak mental performance. However, her boss has been too supportive of the cause. Scroll down to know what happened in detail.



Meet Madelyn Parker who took the initiative to break the stigma attached to mental health problems.

She sent an email informing that she will be on leave for a week to focus on her mental health.


Fortunately, the CEO of the company Olark, where Madelyn works was too supportive and even appreciated her for the initiative.

She tweeted the exchange which got over 30,000 likes and 8, 400 retweets. Marylin’s post sparked off a heated debate on the twitter.


Some wanted to leave their companies because they didn’t get the same support from their bosses.

Madilyn’s boss was so overwhelmed by the response on Twitter, he even went on posting about it in the medium. The article was titled, ”It’s 2017 and mental health is still an issue in the work place”.

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